Friday, August 3, 2012

A pinterest Pizza Adventure

A friend recommended I make homemade pizza crust from a recipe on "The Happy Housewife's" blog. After her recommendation a few months ago I pinned it to my Edible Treats & recipes board to try at a later date. This past week Azilee has been begging for Pizza and love to make her own so I whipped out the bead maker, a few ingredients and gave it a try.

 Once I dumped the dough out of the bread machine I added a little more flour to the top and used a can of pam as a rolling pin. Apparently our rolling pin went missing during the last move or at some other point and I didnt realize it. Made me a little unhappy to realize that because it was brand new :(

I added some dough to Azilee's pan and she asked me to hand toss it. I gave it my best shot and then let her "decorate" it with ham, pineapple, mushrooms & onions. We had the same topping on ours along with green bell peppers except I kept the ham & pineapple on a separate side of the pizza than the veggie toppings.

The crust itself was tasty but I had no idea how much crust it was going to make. I could have easily made 2 or 3 pizzas out of the dough even though we were using a large pizza pan. I had to let it cook longer than expected to keep it from being doughy but it turned out great. I love thick crust but next time I will be making one pizza and freezing the other crust for later use.

Another Pinterest success!


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