Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pinspired: Cloth Wipes

Since we Cloth Diaper I have been considering the switch to cloth baby wipes. I would Love to try out Thirsties Fab wipes because I have heard great reviews on those but want to make sure I will stick to cloth before purchasing more cloth related stuff. So I decided to sew up a few wipes myself out of some fleece that i had left over from another project. I purchased a small section of terry cloth for around 2.00 and sewed up several a few weeks ago. So far I am using them for Pee but not #2. I also have one that came unsewn after the first wash that I am using to remove my makeup. It is working great to remove the makeup around my eyes without being too rough. I do plan on making a few eye makeup remover pads from some leftover Minky i have.


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