Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to Create, Assemble, and Organize a Homeschool Convention Binder

My husband and I are attending the Great Homeschool Convention next month. This will be our first time attending a homeschool conference and I have a lot of ground to cover while there so I decided to assemble a Homeschool convention Binder to keep me organized and on task during the conference.
In this video I show how to assemble and organize a binder to take to your next Homeschool Conference. It also includes a "tour" of my Homeschool Convention Binder and shows how I plan on using it.


  1. Ooo, good idea! Do you have blog business cards to hand out for networking at the convention? You have so many helpful posts on your YT/blog!

  2. Get all tips to create, assemble, and organize a homeschooling convention binder. I think it is a tutorial post for me and without me core of people who like homeschooling will benefited. Thanks for this awesome article with full of info's.