Friday, June 8, 2012

Where are all the Homeschooling Moms on Youtube?

I have had a few people ask me recently if there are other moms on youtube that I enjoy watching that Homeschool and show this in their videos. Most recently I was asked this past week by MADMommyL and thought a blog would be the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the moms that I watch on a regular basis.
If you do a Youtube search for Homeschool or anything related you will get search results showing a wide variety of videos which are great to use as a resource but I have found it rare to find current vlogging families who are still updating with new material.
My channel Raisingbushs shows a mixtures of Day in the Life, product reviews/giveaways, pregnancy updates as well as our current Homeschool videos.
Other moms that I watch on a regular basis are JenNTim509, Laurettabear, Ejahixxxmomheartxxx and easyhomeschooler. I also enjoy watching the collab channel SchoolsatHome which is made up of a few of these moms.
The children in these families range in age from baby to elementary school. Some are in the middle of their Homeschool journey and have lots of seasoned tips while some are still in the research/trial and error portion like so many of our families are.


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