Thursday, October 20, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Question for my fellow FB moms/families/anyone? What are your Holiday (specifically Christmas but other holiday ideas are appreciated too) traditions? We have several with our extended family and a few with our growing family but would LOVE other ideas! I LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I mention Love) Family Memories and Traditions!
I will list ours for other to get ideas from:
Growing up we always:
We walked from our house to the Christmas parade. Then we would decorate our tree after.
Our parents bought us the same "type" of ornament each year. I got a rocking horse, Tiffany a angel and Cortney got Snowmen.
We went to our Grandmother on Christmas Eve (still do) with my moms extended family.
My mom always fixed fudge and oatmeal drop cookies between the holidays.
Christmas Day we opened gifts at our house. Had ham biscuits for Breakfast. Then had lunch at my Dad's parents and opened gifts there.

So far as a family we:
Go to Matts parents for Thanksgiving. We take Azilee to Chee Haw Park along with Matt's mom to view their Christmas light display and to ride the train. We also (beginning last year) get her picture taken with Santa there (NICEST Santa EVER!)
We attend (and now participate in) the same Christmas parade that I went to growing up. The kids stand in the same place with my parents to get candy while Matt and I help with the parade in different ways.
Afterwards we go met Santa at the fire dept. Then go to my parents to decorate the tree.
Christmas Eve is spent at my Grandmothers and Christmas morning we meet my family at my parents. We open gifts and have ham biscuits at their home for Breakfast. We also open stocking at their house like we did as a kid. And we always open those Last.
Other traditions for us:
We give the kids ornaments each year and its something different that reminds us of something they accomplished or their personality for that year. The first year is always a large glass ball with baby's 1st Christmas written on it.
We decorate our tree the first Saturday of December (would love to do it the Sunday after Thanksgiving but its took late when we get home :/
We give the kids a new set pf PJs on Christmas Eve to wear for Christmas.
We drive around a few nights and look at the Christmas lights and drink Hot Cocoa. Watch Christmas movies & listen to Christmas music starting on the way to GA :) (Matt will never get used to that one)

This year we are starting the Elf on the Shelf "book" without the book. We are going to bake a cake for Jesus. Read the Christmas story before bed on Christmas Eve. Last year I baked goodies for Matt to take to one of the fire dept meetings during December and I plan on doing that again. I have more but cant remember this at this time of night :)

Im trying to find more that will incorporate Jesus and the birth story. Also things that included the kids being hands on more.


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