Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Unit Study: Ponds

We visited the creek where Princess splashed and "swam". She pretended to be a frog jumping from lily pad to lily pad (rock to rock). She also "swam" like a fish and pretended to be a duck. *Try to post picture later*
We watched several Youtube videos throughout the week. Some we would start then move on to something else. I didn't copy and paste most of them but you can easily do a search for Ponds,frogs,salamanders and find more videos for this unit. I did list some of them below including a few that included children songs that Princess enjoyed.
We visited the Pisgah Fish Hatchery (details below) & read many books on the topic.
We also did a few art projects that I need to take pictures of and upload.

Fun Facts about Turtles
Fun Facts about Alligators
Fun facts about Lizards
Fun Facts about Salamanders
Animal Babies in Ponds & Rivers


Turtle Fingerplay

This is my turtle.
(Make fist, extend thumb)
He lives in a shell.
(Hide thumb in fist)
He likes his home very well.
He pokes his head out when he wants to eat.
(Extend thumb)
And pulls it back when he wants to sleep.


Field Trip:
We spent an afternoon at the Pisgah Fish Hatchery. We went later in the evening then our normal time so the fish were not jumping/eating as much as we have seen them do in the past. This visit they had lots of baby fish and several varieties including Brown & Rainbow Trout. You can visit the Water Runs where the fish grow and are feed (purchase food out of the dispensers for $0.25) and walk a short nature trail that brings you back to the building. They show a wildlife movie throughout the day in the visitors center and also have a viewing area attached to the NC. Wildlife gift shop where you can view a mini water run with tiny fish, a turtle, frogs and several other small wildlife. They also have a marsh area set up behind the water ways where you can view and observe the water changes and some wildlife. During the viewing you get to stand on/under a pretty Gazebo that my father in law built :)

Sing,Play,Create *Ponds Unit*


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