Monday, August 29, 2011

Review: Mead Early Learning stage 1- Snip it

Today I am reviewing a book by the Mead company. It is called Snip It and is part of their Early Learning stages books. This book is considered a step 1 hands on learning book.

There are three different "levels" to this book and the book is divided into two sections. The first section has the project pages and the instructions and the back section contains the pieces for these projects. The first is cut and stick. In the back you will find several different colors of construction style paper with thick black lines down it. The lines are to help children cut the paper by following the line. Then they snip these larger pieces into smaller pieces which they tack down to the picture from the first section. The first projects do not require glue. You just peel part of the paper off to reveal a tacky substance underneath for the paper clippings to stick too (sorry no picture). The second section teaches you to cut out larger pieces and gets you used to the glue. The white paper will show where each piece goes and you will cut the construction style out and place the piece in the coordinating spot to create a picture.
The third section allows you to continue practicing your cutting skills but the white pages do not have the diagrams of the pictures. They have a small image in the corner showing what the project should look like and you have to assemble it free handed on the white page.
There are also areas of the papers that are supposed to be used as coloring areas. 

I think this book is a neat learning tool that teaches you how to use different techniques of building images. It progresses to help with each new skill they are learning.
The pages have very thick dark lines to cut upon. They are wide so the child has room to wiggle and still make the correct shape.
Some of the patterns are offered in different color options in the back so your child can choose which color they want to use for certain images.

The tacky glue on the first projects isnt that sticky and can get dirty while the children are decorating their pictures or after because most kids do not cover the entire area with paper.
The pieces to each project are not on pages alone. You may have two or three different projects on one piece of the paper. This makes it harder for the kids to determine which pieces to cut and keep for their current project.
We went through it quickly once my daughter was interested. She REFUSES to use sissors so I cut the pieces out for her and she glued them down. We went through 3 an afternoon before moving onto something else. 

Overall I think its a fun activity book for children PreK ages. We finished our last project in the book this morning. I plan on buying another when she has better control with the scissors so she can work on the project independently.

*Raising Bushs was not paid/nor received product from the Mead company for this review. All information and opinions are my own.


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